Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Feed Your Family Better

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Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Feed Your Family Better

It's easy to set a goal to eat better, but when are you going to start doing it? Try to put healthier food in your fridge and at the dinner table right now. Here are five things that you can do now to feed your family better:

  1. Buy organic bread. Is the bread that you buy organic? Check with bakeries to find fresh-baked bread made from organic grains to feed your family. Organic grain doesn't have pesticides or preservatives, and is better for the environment; store unused organic bread in the freezer, as it has a shorter shelf life than breads made with a slew of chemical preservatives.
  2. Freeze your own produce. You can likely find a bevy of frozen fruits and vegetables in your local grocer, but freezing your own ensures they are frozen at their peak, and it may cost a lot less, too. Buy your product when it is in-season; when cutting, preparing, or packaging produce after a trip to the store or farmer's market, freeze some of each in airtight resealable containers. You can freeze practically anything, and the difference in taste is astounding!
  3. Check where your meat comes from. Do you know the origin of the meat that you put on your family's table at mealtime? You are not alone; most consumers do not know where their meat comes from or how it was raised. Be wary and ask if beef and chicken are free-range, as well as what their diet was; many butchers expect customers to ask.
  4. Go local. Buying your food locally supports community businesses and neighbors, which is a winning situation for everyone. If the local farm stand corn is a few cents more per ear, so be it; you know it will be fresh-picked and tasty. Patronizing small businesses is a positive step toward civic engagement and community growth.
  5. Aim for whole foods. When you look for whole foods, look for produce and grains that are unadulterated by chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Eating whole, unprocessed food ensures that your family is getting ample fiber, as well as significant nutrition toward their daily dietary recommendation.

Got allergies or dietary restrictions? Talk to your healthcare provider about suggestions and recommendations to ensure you are getting a nutritional diet each and every day.

Use these five tips to start feeding your family better right now. It isn't hard to find wholesome, nutritional foods, but you may have to start shopping a bit differently. Visiting local organic bread distribution centers, specialty grocers, and farmer's markets may be key in finding the best and highest-quality food for your table.

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